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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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maintaining her lead, a brand- new pull -- limburg poll is showing a nine point advantage. more people coming forward about this therapist abusing patients, four new victims have come forward. authorities want anyone who thinks they may be a victim to give them a call. we will stay on top of these stories all night long. right now your traffic not looking it is moving pretty well, but we know those backups and traffic around this hour can happen but it may soon get smoother. >> today hillsboro county commissioners voted to spend a lot of money to alleviate the issues. >> adam winer live along west shore, 600 million in taxpayer dollars is being thrown at this . >> reporter: that is right some of it going here to westshore
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potholes making this area better for pedestrians but there are also some big projects in store that could help people outside of tampa as well. >> light afterlife, slow traffic, drivers making wrong turns. >> a trip to westshore boulevard can be aggravating. but it is one that you he needs to make. >> a lot of the jobs exist in this area. not the kind i am looking for. >> he and many commuters are climbing for a solution the commissioners have come up with something. after rejecting a sales tax increase. >> today is the first step, this is like my grandson trying to walk. that first step was painful, but he is now walking everywhere.
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$600 million of expected revenue growth to fund some pretty big road improvement projects, one plan would expand it and make better on and off ramps at the i-75 interchange, another plan would make streets become more pedestrian friendly. the most expensive project is widening of lithia pinecrest road east of brandon. most of the $600 million will go to fixing potholes and catching maintenance issues. commuters hope bigger ideas are in the works. >> someone needs to look at this area, tampa bay in general and consider other alternatives such as massive transportation. >> reporter: some commissioners do also want to see mass transit but right now fixing the roads
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projects being considered by the commission on our website, adam winer, back to you. breaking news, looking live at a construction accident in miami, 5 to 6 people have been hurt in this, when the scaffolding collapsed, all of this happened in a suburb, our abc station reporting at least one car has been destroyed, yo looks like they're trying to close down certain streets, the police officers there. the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> it has been six months since we had a cold front packing the punch like we are going to see arriving friday. ahead of it things are very dry
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area there is nothing, beautiful weather across the area, dry conditions, even though the front is coming in friday, i don't see any rain in the forecast with it. right now mid to upper 80s close to 90 degrees across parts of the area. here are the highs today, 90 in sarasota, 88 tampa, five or 6 degrees above normal this en temperatures, they will be gone in a couple of days. under partly cloudy skies to clear skies this evening temperatures cooling off to the upper 60s but by the weekend highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s maybe even some 40s. a closer look coming up. democracy 2016, no matter how persuasive trump and clinton
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candidate to win over millions of voters because right now advanced voting is underway in more than 30 states including florida. at least 2.1 million voters have cast ballots and more than 45 million people expecting to vote before election day. early balloting has shown promise for clinton in battleground states including florida and north carolina, trump is counting on a stronger performance on election day. we will be airing the third and final debate live at action news it will also be on a lifestream on facebook we will be fact checking the candidates after the debate tonight at 11:00. comedian amy schumer making headlines in tampa for her controversial apology saying she is sorry for the things she said about donald trump, but her form of an apology still has some people upset.>>
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didn't want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. >> schumer reading her open letter to tampa during her show in new york city last night. she promised a squeaky clean show after people walked out after she bashed trump and made fun of a trump supporter. >> i am so sorry, have said that he was an orange, sexually assaulting fake college starting monster.>> the comedian goes on to say after the show i want you to know i will go straight to rehab that way they can teach me how to make all people happy. reaction from the father of one of the men who died while diving in this case.
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feet requiring a diver to go 300 feet down, tonight the father of one of the victims doesn't think his son thought he was at risk. >> i don't believe at any time they thought they were at risk until the end.>> it took a whole day to find the bodies and pulled into the surface monday. the part of the cave known as the pit, 10 people have died in the cave americans have died during an attack near a coalition base, the military saying it was one servicemember and one civilian. they were both involved in a nato mission to train afghan security forces, their names have not been released. the person who carried out the attack was later killed. two previously conjoined twins are resting in separate beds after undergoing a 27 hour surgery. this is the first video of the twins in recovery after their
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messages of support pour in from around the world. >> it is amazing these people that are total strangers can love our babies. the way that they do. you can really fill their love through their messages. >> the twins have breathing tubes but doctors are pleased with their progress. a routine call for an arizona firefighter turned father's life. take a look, this firefighter and paramedic in phoenix last month was dispatched to a medical emergency at a home, on his way there he realized he was going to his parents house. >> the worst call i could get to that address when you see your dad lying on the ground and his face is blue and he is
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shocked three times revived went into heart surgery, when at the hospital he is back home with a pacemaker and a story none of them will forget. coming up, the key advantage one county housing program will provide families so they can one day purchase their own home. injured but alive this mother and daughter hit by a car the only hardship they are
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people that broke into a home all while a family of four were inside. this is surveillance video of them at a shopping center after that. kera mashek is going to show us how this happened and the three things the homeowner did wrong. >> this was a brazen crime in the middle of homeowner's car in her driveway opening it up and rifling through ultimately finding this garage door opener. then they went in underneath the garage door. the door opened between the garage in the house they were able to get inside all while the family was sleeping. connie thomas says her son got up early and noticed right away
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to work. his wallet was missing from the counter. he thought that was weird. >> outside he noticed the garage door partway up and all three cars in the driving had been broken into. when he went in the house he realized a laptop and a watch given to him by his wife gone. the suspects getting away undetected. >> they heard somebody got up and they must have taken off. >> thankfully no one was hurt. >> acceptable. >> the three suspects made a big mistake, they took off in a black kia with stolen credit cards and bought more than $900 of stuff from walmart all caught on surveillance video, the family has learned a simple lesson the hard way. >> make sure everything is locked securely, if you have an alarm system make sure it is armed. >> these homeowners have found
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if you know anything about these crimes or recognize the suspects be sure to call hillsboro county sheriff's office. kera mashek abc action news. one counties housing authority giving families key advice and the resources they need to buy their own homes. >> as part of our commitment to helping you to get money for their first down payment. >> staff at the pinellas county housing authority are not just giving families the key resources they need to find the perfect home on a budget but they will help them to build a home just like this. >> we put our roots down here. >> they have called this place home for the last decade.>> but it is not our home. >> they live in a low income housing complex, before here a homeless shelter.
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feet. >> now she has the chance with the help of the pinellas county housing authority get ready program, the joint venture with habitat for humanity. >> sometimes families don't realize there are resources that can help them. >> participants will learn how to manage a budget and improve their credit score even earning credits to the first down payment. >> someone like me who has never owned a home needs to >> with the help of volunteers she will build the home herself. >> the average home in florida goes for $200,000 up by more than 9% in the last year. there is a waiting list to live in this housing complex. >> we use this as stepping stone housing to do better. >> i am so ready. >> finding a permanent spot for her family pictures is one of the things she looks forward to
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night and know the money i am paying is paying toward something that i own. >> the perfect example of the type of home that they're going to get. johnson says the resources they provide like helping with your credit score and finding funding are resources you can find in other counties as well. from pinellas county, brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. >> i know what you are doing tonight. >> i have a homework assignment from denis phillips. >> that is the unofficial beginning of fall when you start seeing charlie brown talking about halloween and you get the first cold front. >> you have got to see this.
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every day i am amazed by that woman. here is a look at side at the beach. a beautiful day across the area, centering with temperatures in the mid-to upper 80s but by the weekend we have got big changes, they even arrive earlier than that, one more day with temperatures above normal in the mid to upper 80s, today we hit 90 degrees in sarasota, big changes friday in the form of the cold front and by the weekend normal much cooler weather, i would not be shocked if you live in brooksville and brooksville is usually the cold spot if you wake up to 49 degrees. we have got a chill in the air that will stick around two or three days before a slow warm- up returns. here's a look at titan doppler radar, all is quiet with temperatures in the mid-to upper 80s normally we should be
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sarasota, tampa checking in 87 mostly sunny the dewpoint not bad comfortable at 61 humidity 41%. we hit 88 today in tampa, normally 84, the record we almost broke today one degree shy saint pete sunny and 83, east winds at 13 miles per hour and sarasota the hotspot, yesterday 91 today 90 and their checking in at 88 degrees, there is the satellite east wind dry air rain chances rather slim even with the front coming through pretty much near zero into the weekend. this is our weather pattern for the next four or five days, warm and dry thursday early on friday. and there comes the front by friday afternoon, the coldest temperatures this season in fact the coolest temperatures since last april with morning lows saturday and sunday morning in the 50s. if you live along the beach you
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dewpoint will be low and it will feel amazing. refreshing pleasant air, highs in the mid to upper 80s, one more day with temperatures above normal and then slowly coming down friday and a big drop with highs in the 70s, mid- 70s on saturday. sunday morning the coldest morning and these are some of the numbers they will probably end up being lower than this, the models have a tendency keep things up until we get closer to the event, i am forecasting low 50s up north and maybe some upper 40s. this is something we don't need to watch but this tropical storm could be developing may be impacting new england by the weekend, if you have family or friends up north keep an eye on this one. it could get nasty saturday and sunday. northerly winds 10 to 15. water temperature 80 degrees,
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forecast this evening, a beautiful forecast until the weekend here's a look at your seven-day forecast, rain chances nonexistent through next week, look at the highs on saturday. 77 saturday, 79 sunday, morning lows in the 50s and 60s. we want to show you this, a local story about the termination, a 40-year-old amputee not letting anything slowing down. a triple and beauty and avid water skier made to get back on the skis after an explosion in 2009, he lost his left arm and both of his legs. he just got fitted for his first pair of custom designed running prosthesis, this weekend he is testing them out. he is traveling to san diego to take part in the thrive 5k fitness event. >> it is awesome. it opens up a whole new door
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keep doing more things and pushing myself. getting part of my life back since before my accident.>> michael was in his father-in- law's boat when it exploded, six years ago his wife was injured but no one was killed.>> there he is. there he is. the great pumpkin. rising out of the pumpkin patch. >> it looks like so much fun. >> it is the great pumpkin charlie brown turning 50, the popular cartoon special debuted in 1966, watch the great pumpkin right here tonight at
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a crime alert in pasco county, deputies are asking for help to find an armed and dangerous felon. this is the man they're looking for. detectives tell us he got into a fight with a woman and shot her in the arm. he was less senior state road 52 . a $3000 reward for here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> a 61-year-old mom left for dead on the side of her road now her daughter's emotional plea and the difficulty investigators are facing. we explain why marijuana grow houses could be impacting your utility bill. florida's governor going on the record about donald trumps
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governor rick scott tells us where he stands. supporting their neighbors, how the community of dundee
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this is abc action news. >> there are no words to explain how thankful we are.
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hitting her mom and a daughter going to the school bus, the extent of their injuries coming to light and the community effort to rally around the family. thank you for doing this i'm wendy ryan. >> and i am jamison uhler. the mom and daughter still at the hospital. >> ryan raiche just spoke to the family and shows us how the community is rallying around the family. >> the pain-and-suffering all too real for family and friends of a woman and her daughter. on their first visit to the hospital they thought they had the wrong room. >> her face is very swollen. you don't recognize her. right now we don't recognize. >> tuesday morning they were working -- walking to the bus


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